The most common way for pathogens to develop resis­tance towards a specific fungi­cide is muta­tions in the DNA of the pathogen. With our mole­c­ular biolog­ical analysis, we can provide you with details and infor­ma­tion on the gene muta­tion respon­sible for resis­tance against Quinone outside Inhibitors (QoI) fungi­cides, such as the G143A or F129L mutation.

Many pathogens occur in nature as a mixture of different subspecies. Through mole­c­ular analysis we can support you by iden­ti­fying the subspecies on your samples.

We can provide support with the following mole­c­ular tech­niques: gel elec­trophoresis, pyrose­quencing (PCR) and qPCR.
Together with our sister company Conidia Coniphy we can help you with your needs for mole­c­ular analysis in this complex field.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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