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EpiLogic GmbH was founded in 1996 by Dr. Friedrich Felsenstein and Mariele Felsenstein and has become a leading service provider for the agrochemical industry, research institutes and authorities in Europe. We are specialised in applied phytopathology and related studies on the adaption and resistance of fungal pathogens on agricultural and horticultural crops to fungicidal agents.

Our services include In vivo and In vitro pathogen studies, including molecular analysis. We work with the agrochemical industry, as well as with local and regional authorities and research institutes to research and understand local, regional and European resistance and adaption trends against fungicides.

We have vast experience with a large set of hosts, such as cereals, grapevine, apples, strawberries, tomatoes, rape to potatoes and others, and pathogens such as different powdery mildews, net blotch, Cercospora leaf spot to Septoria leaf blotch and many others.

Stem rust, also known as cereal rust, black rust, red rust or red dust, is caused by the fungus Puccinia graminis, which causes significant disease in cereal crops

Our Story

Our background

Fungal pathogens are able to adapt towards disease resistance of the host (virulence formation) and towards modern fungicidal compounds (resistance formation). Fungal pathogens have a significant impact on the global food supply and food safety. At the same time, meeting EU wide sustainability goals as stipulated in the EU Green Deal, requires disease control by precision farming with suitable compounds in combination and alternation of different modes of action. This requires reliable resistance and adaption monitoring. The monitoring data collected and respective risk assessment on resistance development is a basic requirement for fungicidal active substance and product registration, and approval in the EU. Our expertise and services cover this complex set of subjects and topics.

Our approach

Samples from infected plants are collected throughout Europe by us via our European sample collection tours (air sampling) for cereals and grapes or sent to EpiLogic by our customers (field samples). Creating a large sample pool we share with our customers through our Joint Sampling program. Giving you the benefit of a large European sample pool for your studies.

With studies in miniaturized test systems, In vivo and In vitro, as well as molecular analysis we collect data on resistance developments across a vast subset of hosts and pathogens. The data collected is interpreted by our scientists regarding the type, the dynamics, as well as the regional differentiation of the adaptation and resistance formation. We provide you a detailed effect and impact analysis of the adaptation and resistance formation seen in our studies, including multi-year trends across Europe.

Your advantage

We have over 25 years of experience with fungal pathogen studies and gained a deep understanding in multi-year cross-European resistance trends from a large set of pathogens and hosts. From cereals, grapevine, apples, strawberries, tomatoes, rape to potatoes and others. From different powdery mildews, net blotch, cercospora leaf spot to septoria leaf blotch and many others.

With our Epilogic European sampling tours for cereals and grapes and our Joint Sampling program, we collect, share and give you the benefit of a large European sample pool for your fungicide sensitivity studies.

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